Annette Krohn: oil-paintings from the series: Manganese blue

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The series manganese blue:In the past shipping accidents occurred sudden and remained often unexplained.Today dangers are under control, fear is banished, natural phenomena can mostly be explained and are predictable but nowadays venture into the unknown and places of refuge have become rare. Before, of which there was too much - there is now too little - which is therefore experienced as a loss by the human being. The leftover places of refuge are accessible by boat only, you reach those longed-for places after a long journey and maybe you will experience the (lost) adventure-feeling or you maybe will find yourself completely out of reach of civilization so that you can finally amuse yourself in the blue waters, and do some diving and swimming. I am an art restorer, this explains the wink at ancient paintings in my works. I once lived on a small island in the French West Indies where I originally got inspired to paint ships and boats.